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CAR helped us develop the next generation of our VaprThrm® - vapor barrier liner socks using their bonding technology. The development helped us offer a sock that has increased comfort and moisture resistance. Clemson has been able to supply us with this unique product on a just-in-time basis. These socks have been sold to adventurers around the globe via

- Ryan B. Hannigan, RBH Designs, LLC

PLI is extremely satisfied with CSR's ability to address our issues. In particular the CAR team are able to develop prototypes, critical to our support of the US military, in a short period of time.

The relationship with CAR is an important part of PLI's success

- John Tollenaere, Precision Lift, Inc.

...A Clemson Alumnus suggested that I contact CAR for help with my small business because of their excellent reputation and past performance. I have since developed an ongoing relationship with CAR and they are an integral part of my business. My husband and I ran the business together until he had to begin working many more hours at his other job. With help from CAR, I was able to continue creating new designs, increase website sales, and maintain wholesale volumes. Without CAR, I probably would not have been able to continue.

- Janice Cadotte, Concealment Specialties, LLC.

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